Silicone collapsible colander

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  • Introduction
  • Specifications
    • Commodity name: NO.956976
    • Commodity ID: 1222589911131639808

    *The reusable collapsible basin features a convenient space-saving design that folds and stacks for efficient storage.

    *It folds down to a compact height and can easily fit into your home, garage or car with camping gear.

    *Each foldable basin has two extended handles that make it easy and comfortable to hold the foldable basin when full of items or water.

    *The collapsible basin is made from PP + TPR material.

    *It is sturdy and durable will not crack or split.

    *The smooth surface is easy to wipe off, just rinse off and dry quickly after use.

  • Description:Multipurpose Foldable Collapsible basin

    Item NO.:956976

    Product size:36.5x31.5x6.5H1x12.5H2cm

    Main material:PP,TPR





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