Polyresin accessories

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  • Specifications
    • Commodity name: NO.934072/934073/934076/934078/934074/934075/934077
    • Commodity ID: 1222589878722252800
    *Includes: soap dispenser, soap dish, tumbler, cotton box,tissue holder, toilet brush holder,tray and toothbrush holder
    *Keep your sink area clean and organized
  • Description:Polyresin accessories
    Item NO.:
    934077 Cotton box φ8.5X12.5Hcm
    934078 Tissue box 14X14X13Hcm
    934076 Toilet brush holder φ9.5x10.5H1x36.5H2cm
    934072 Tumbler φ7X11Hcm
    934075 Soap dish 14.5X9.5X2Hcm
    934073 Soap dispenser φ7X8X17.5Hcm
    934074 Tray 23X10X3Hcm
    Main material:Polyresin

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